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About Us is a website service containing comprehensive information regarding labor epidural, provided by Doctor Eugene Smetannikov, MD, specialist in anesthesiology with special interest in obstetric anesthesia.

Providing reliable and comprehensive information about the good and the bad of labor epidural and other ways to relieve pain is the goal of this website. Dr Smetannikov personally follows current medical literature for the latest developments on pain relief in labor and makes sure that the site reflects the newest and most relevant information. The information here is collected and condensed in a way that presents objective and the most encompassing data about various methods of pain relief in labor, with particular emphasis on their efficiency and potential complications. The site discusses various aspects of epidural in great detail, beyond simple guidelines and conventional recommendations. New evidence is constantly scanned, filtered and added, ensuring that information is up to date, and we believe the epidural-specific information this website contains will exceed what an average gynecologist, midwife or anesthetist may provide.